Machu Picchu

2013-06-10 15.08.17

Hard to find words to describe places like Machu Picchu. Go see!

When we started planning our journey Machu Picchu (MP) was high up on the wish list. That is why we chose Peru as one of our South American destinations. The journey to MP started with a very beautiful  train ride from Olleantaytambo to the little village, Agua Calientes, on the foot of Machu Picchu. The train ride went trough the Sacred Valley and was a one and a half hour scenic train ride. It was not so easy to get a decent photo as the train was moving.  Agua Calientes is only serving as a tourist village, with a lot of hotels and restaurants. Still it is rather cozy. We stayed at a hotel close to the train station, and close to town. In the evening we went swimming in the hot springs in Agua Calientes. Our guide Haime picked us up at the hotel at 06.00 so we could be at Machu Picchu at sunrise. From Agua Calientes there are shuttle busses going up a steep serpent road to Machu Picchu. That is if you are not walking the Inca trail. Haime took us up high over MP to have the best spot for taking pictures as the sun rose over the mountains and lit up the Inca ruins. A magnificent view from where we stood. While we waited for the sun to come up. Haime told us what the different buildings in the ruins had served as. Really amazing how the Incas manage to build the city high up in the mountains with irrigation systems and water supply to the city.

2013-06-09 13.33.19

Train ride trough Urubamba Valley.

2013-06-09 17.55.25

Hot springs in Agua Calientes.

2013-06-09 18.11.47

Lucas and Bos in the hot springs.

2013-06-10 00.21.26

The village of Agua Calientes.

2013-06-10 15.02.18

Waiting for sun rise.

2013-06-10 15.01.01

At 06.50 the sun comes over the mountains.

2013-06-10 15.08.17

The Inca placed the city so it would get the first sunshine in the morning.

2013-06-10 16.33.57

Some of the terraces used for farming.

2013-06-10 16.36.14

The houses where the farmers lived.

2013-06-10 17.15.20

Farmers houses.

2013-06-10 16.52.07

Lucas liked the lamas that grazed between the ruins.

2013-06-10 16.55.08

They were quite friendly.

2013-06-10 17.22.24

Badboy Chinchilla

2013-06-10 18.19.35

And a hummingbird.

It is always harder to write about places that makes an impression on  you. You feel that words do not describe the experience . Extra hard when you write in you second language.. Our best advise is to go see for yourself. Machu Picchu was magnificent!!