Easter in Saigon🇻🇳

This easter we go back to visit Vietnam. First time here was in 2013, when we lived in Koh Lanta, Thailand. That time we were only staying for a few days in Ho Chi Minh city on a visa run. This time we wanted to explore a bit more of the county and are spending 4 nights in HCMC before heading down the Phu Quoc, close to the border of Cambodia. We are traveling with two of the Norwegian families we met in Koh Lanta. 6 adults and 7 kids/teenagers. Since we travel in a big group we rented a huge villa in District 2 with 5 bedrooms. Lots of space to roam around, and with a kitchen, so the kids could choose to stay home for dinner if they wanted.

The first full day in Saigon we visited the American war museum in the city center. Strong impressions for both kids and adults. War is a horrible ting, no matter what.

Outdoor display of some of the war material form the American war.

Coffee break at the museum.

The kitchen in our villa in District 2. Nice to be a bit outside the city and still close enough to explore, whenever we wanted.

Bos had his birtday on March 26, and the celebration took place in one of the local restaurants nearby our house. No meny, no English, wonderful barbecue to the price of 310 000 Vietnamese Dong, 14 USD for 9 people.

Tuesday was a full sightseeing day with cruising the Mekong river, and visiting the Cu Chi tunnels from the war.

We also visited a chocolate factory, got the taste local honey and sweets made from coconut. Full on tourist for a day.

Coca beans at the chocolate factory. Tastes very nice.

Chocolate in the making.

Honey bees.

Model made to visualize how the tunnels were built.

Some of the crypts you can go into. The kids were a bit more adventurous than the grownup on this point.

Paddle trip on one of the side rivers of the Mekong. Nice and calm trip through the jungle. The horse and carriage ride after the paddling war not nice at all. The horses was in a very sad state, and we all felt very bad afterwards.

Posing on the big boat.

Care for a sip of snake wine? Neither did any of us…

Our last night in Saigon, we met up with our local friend Oanh, who we stayed with the first time we went to Saigon. She has also visited us in Oslo. Being a great chef who has her own cooking classes for tourists in Saigon, she had a private cooking class just for us in our villa. So good to see her again. The link to her cooking class.

Some of our other activities in Saigon.

Bin Thang market.

We Escape. Some of us tried one of the escape rooms in Saigon. Great fun, even if we didn’t solve the mystery.

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And then off to Phu Quoc!