What’s hot in Tokyo? 🇯🇵

On our journey both the weather and the toilet seats. Heated toilet seats are one of the best invention ever! 

It’s been over 30C while we have visited Tokyo this time. If you are on a beach in Hawaii thats just fine, but in a big city without anywhere to swim, it’s a bit on the warm side. Add concrete and heeps of people to that equation.. Let’s just say we have showered a lot these days. On the bright side Reiseselbekk is again all onboard, as we picked up Lucas from his language school after 3 weeks apart. One last selfie before you go 

The parents were thrilled, the student could have stayed a few more weeks. We stayed in a small but cool apartment close to Shinjuku and a few minutes from the metro. The metro system is fairly easy to figure out so that has been our main means of transportation while in Tokyo. Met another Norwegian on the metro. 😱

Lovely to have a quiet neighbourhood to come home to after sweating around in the hot and busy city. Japanese museum in our hood Anime shop

Since Lucas has been in Tokyo for 3 weeks, we had our own guide to take us around the city. Maybe that’s why we ended up visiting a cat cafe and anime shops. Seems like cat ears are mandatory in all consept cafes in Tokyo. The place to be if you are a 🐱 

In addition the grownups got to go out for a few dinners down the street. A lovely japanese barbecue restaurant among others. Sunday we did the rookie mistake of traveling to Harajuku, together with what seemed like the rest the inhabitants of Tokyo and surrounding areas. We did have a really nice lunch in Harajuku though. The last day we got to get a look at the city from above from The World Trade Center Observatory. Shinkansen coming in to the station The city is huge! It was not so clear sky that we could see Mont Fuji today, but we got the impression of the size of this monster city.

Since we are traveling with only carry on back packs shoping is out of the question. The shopping opportunities are endless. Now we are waiting for the plane to Lombok, 🇮🇩 for a week at Gili Trawangan. Haneda airport is one of the more charming one. Edo theme all over.


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