Next stop Hawaii 🇺🇸 

From Vancouver, Canada to Honolulu, Hawaii is an easy 5,3 hour flight. Easing in to yet another time zone. By now we have a 12 hour time difference from Oslo. We chose to stay two nights at O’ahu the island where we landed from Canada. Instead of staying near the airport and busy Waikiki beach, we booked an AirBnb room on the North shore in a small town called Waialua. Our beautiful beach in Waialua

Our hosts are lovely and the house is one block from the beach. The one whole day we spent on O’ahu we drove around almost the entire island. Stopping at small public beach parks and visiting the more touristy Waikiki beach.spotted this ray of the boat pier in Waikiki At sunset o’clock we drove out to the west coast to enjoy the beautiful Hawaian sunset. From O’ahu we flew to Maiu on July 9. Where we moved into another Airbnb in Lahaina. This place was something else. It’s a bird and tortoise sanctuary where they keep all kinds of birds, tortoises and lots of cats and dogs. The host and her staff were very nice and friendly and we had a great time with them. The house was right by a small beach and walking distance from Lahaina center. ​We got a lot of advice on where to eat and what to see on the island. We relaxed on the beach watching the sunset. As the sun went down a sea turtle came up on the beach right next to us. We spent one day driving the road to Hana. Witch is a narrow road with over 600 turns and 56 small bridges. 

Directions: Turn left then turn right. Repeat 617 times for 52 miles and 3 hours. 

It’s a beautiful drive through the rainforest with lots of waterfalls and lookouts over the ocean.It’s not an autostrada.

We stopped at a botanical garden called Garden of Eden and had lunch in the small village of Hana. Going back the same way, Bos tok a dipp in on of the waterfalls close to the road. The last evening we went on a champagne and chocolate sunset cruise with a 50 foot sailboat. This turned out to be a just chocolate cruise, since they had trouble with their liquor license. Any way it was a wonderful time on the ocean with or without the champagne. Time to say goodbye to Hawaii for now and pack our carry ons and head towards Tokyo. On Saturday we will meet our 14 year old again.  Bliss! 

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