🇨🇦Canadian Rockies

The second we landed in Calgary, we picked up our rental car and headed towards the Rocky Mountains. The first stop was a small town between Calgary and Banff called Canmore. It’s a very nice little community right at the foot of the Rockies and had great view of the mountains around. Before we left Norway we had booked a canoe trip for the first whole day. Picturing canoeing in great canadian nature and cristal clear water. Not so much.. We felt totally tourist trapped as we were paddelig away in a man made regulated dam with muddy river banks. We could see nature better from the highway. But we were talking to nice people in the group and the guide told us a lot about the area. After that somewhat disappointing canoeing we drove into Banff and had a lovely afternoon by the Bow river falls and discovering the city. One of the advantages of traveling without kids is the long meals and the higher pase of the travel. We have had lots of delicious meals on the trip. Early the second day we drove into the back country to look for animals. The result were scarce (two crows and what we think was a Labrador) but the nature was wonderful. The weather was great the whole time we stayed in the mountains. Time to leave Canmore to go to Calgary to join our Rocky Mountaineer group. Two nights in Calgary, walking around in the city. We arrived at July 1st, Canada day and the celebration of Canadas 150 years. People dressed in red all over the city and a lot of music and parties. July 3. we were picked up by the Rocky Mountaineer team and driven to one of the Highlights of the RM tour, a helicopter ride over the mountains. We had to split up in two groups and both of us got to ride in the front of the helicopter with the pilot. Souring over the mountains was both a rush and a great experience. AE has never ridden in a helicopter before so she was very excited. Highly recommended! From the helicopter we went to Banff for a ride with the gondola up Sulphur mountain, for a spectacular view of Banff and Bow river. Our destination for the day was Lake Louise, said to be one of the most photographed places on the world. And we could see why. Turquoise lake nestled between glazier covered mountains. Lake view room at the Fairmount hotel right at the lake was beautiful. We spent almost a full day at Lake Louise, before we were picked up again to go to Yaho national park and back to Banff where the real journey with the train started.Emerald Lake Kicking Horse river

First day on the train went from Banff, to Kamloops along the back county. The train has glass roof so we had great view of the mountain tops. It’s hard to describe the experience, in slow motion through valleys along turquoise rivers looking for wildlife as we went along. Two bear warnings during the day. Bos saw a black bear. AE was as usual confused about left and right and missed it. Bear? Where? 

Day two from Kamloops to Vancouver was throug completely different landscape, very dry and sunny and beautiful colours. We saw lots of Ospreys and eagles, longhorn sheeps and deers. Osprey nest Longhorn sheep 

The crew in our wagon told us lots about the area we were passing and they made sure to keep our stomach skin tight at all times. We also met some very nice people onboard the train, some of which we will meet again in Oslo this summer. In conclusion it was a journey to remember. If you ever have the chance to travel with the Rocky Mountaineer you should really take it. The end of our trip was in Vancouver. We only had half a day to explore the city, witch we did by bicycle. Three hours riding on some of the many bike tracks they have in Vancouver. Stanley park was so quiet and nice. The signs could have been a bit clearer, as we did get lost a couple of times, but other than that, we had a great day in sunny Vancouver. Now we have just landed in Honolulu. Stay tuned! 

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