First stop Reykjavik🇮🇸

Left a sunny Oslo on June 27th with only our carry on luggage for another round the world trip. This time without our kid. First stop was a 48 hour stopover in overcast Reykjavik. We have really outdone ourselves in exploring the city of Reykjavik in this short amount of time. You can pick up the pace with only two adults and no need for breaks during the day. We did alot of walking, over 30 000 steps according to Bos fitbit. The weather is like usually in Iceland, shifting between sun, rain, and overcast. ☀️🌨☁️The AirBnb room we rented was only a short 10 minute walk from the city centre, so no need for taxi. The first day we explored the city by foot and we also had a ride on the “hop on hop off bus”. There are so many chic cafes and restaurants in the city we ended up visiting 14 of them during our stay. The first evening the plan was to eat at Grillmarkadurin. We had made the reservation months ahead after recommendations from our sister in law. And what an amazing meal. The tasting menu is highly recommended! The second day we went to a geothermal swimming pool close to where we lived and found yet another cute cafe right next to the pool. After the very nice swim the next stop were the national museum of Iceland, where we learned a bit more about the history of the country. Lunch time! Lunch at the fish restaurant by the old harbour before we walked up to the Hallgrim church. Compared to the churches in Norway this one is very minimalistic inside. Reykjavik is such a cute city and the cafes are adorable! And now off to Canada🇨🇦🇨🇦

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