Moments from May the end of our Koh Lanta stay

Writing this on Krabi airport. We are on our way home. 10 months of sun, sand and meeting new friends are over. Looking back on all the moments of joy with a smile on my face. We are staying in Norway until June 21, then we head out on our next adventure. Going around the globe againg but this time we only have 5 weeks to do it, so we had to cut down on the number of stops.  Japan and a road trip on the west coast of USA is waiting for us this summer. Meeting up with friends bought in Japan and America. Something to look forward to! 

May is definetly low season on Lanta, few tourists and most of the long stayers have gone home. We have had great weather almos the whole month. A bit more humid and a bit higher temperature but sunny with the most beautiful sunsets on the year.  Bjørn came down and stayed for 10 days. Lazy, lovely days. 

 Sportsday at the beach, long jump, high jump, and 60 meter amongs the activitys.  

 Warming up!    

 Celebrating Lucas’s birthday at Banana Beach Resort.  

 Birthday celebration for Max on Banana Beach Resort. 

 Finally Bjørn arrived!  Happy boy!  


May Norways constitution day. Lucas held the main speach.  

The May parade from school to Lanta Villa. 

Happy Norway day!


 Games on the beach. Lot of celebrations on May. 

 Still enough people to play volleyball. The beach changes a lot now, some days it’s big holes and a lot of rubbish on the beach. 


All the children gets a speach from their teacher when the leave school. Lola and Lucas.  

The last week the monsoon has set in. Heavy winds and tropical rain. Difficult to have dinner at the beach.   

 End of the school year!  Tears and laugther. Happy and sad at the same time.  

 Is there a better way to end the school year in Thailand than with a pool party? 

 this movie sums up 10 months of Koh Lanta sunsets in 3 minutes.

Thanks to all the nice people we have gotten to know during our stay here in Thailand! Hope to see you all again! 

Stay tuned for more Reiseselbekk adventures! 


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