Song Kran 2015

This is the third Thailand New Year we celebrate in Thailand in a row. 2013 in Koh Lipe, 2014 in Koh Lanta like this year. The school had a short day today, and finished at 12. All the parents came to school armed to the teeth with waterguns and buckets, in the belife that we would surprise the kids. But the kids were ready, hidden behind the rail at second floor it was the parents that was in for å surprise.  Boy did we get wet! After school the families hung out by the main road at May’s Bar and Restaurant, where they had big tanks of water to fill the water pistols and buckets. We all had the nice Hawaian shirts.. 


The kids had a blast soaking everyone on the streets and on tuk tuks, not a soul got past dry. The thai people greeted everyone with chalk in the face for good luck.


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