Moments from January

After celebrating Christmas and New year with friends and family in Norway, Lucas and I headed back to Koh Lanta. Bos is working, so he is not back in Lanta until January 19. The contrast from cold snowy Norway is quit huge.
We met up with Lucas’s aunt and uncle in Bangkok on our way from Norway to Koh Lanta. We have not seen them in 5 months so that was a real treat! I am participating on a Digital Nomad Camp for two weeks here on Lanta so we decided to move to Another beach to be close to the camp. This means Lucas has to go by tuc tuc to and from school every day. We will be living on Long Beach until January 16. Now we are living in a really nice guest house called Best House. It’s a really nice place close to the beach, it’s clean and cozy, and the owners are really nice people. We have a room with a view of the beach. Lucas has started school again. Now it’s 150 pupils at Sanuk school, quite a change from the first day with 5 pupils the first day of school in August.


Day trip to Bu Bu island and Talabeng Cave.


Wet ride to Koh Bu Bu. 


Going inside the Talabeng Cave with the longtail boat. 


Teacher for a day. Uncle Rune came to Lucas’s class to lecture about vulcanos.