Weekend trip to Koh Jum


December 6-7.th 2014
Some of us have stayed on Koh Lanta for almost 4 months, except for  the visa run to Vietnam. Time to make a short trip to one of the other beautiful islands around Koh Lanta. With Lucas in school until 12 am on Fridays we decided to make it a one night trip to Koh Jum. The ferry leave Saladan on Koh Lanta in the morning so one night from Saturday til Sunday sounded perfect. Koh Jum is only 45 minutes by ferry from Koh Lanta and we had heard great things about the small island. Arriving Koh Jum at 09.15 am we had the whole day to explore and enjoy the surroundings. We had booked Season Resort and got the beachfront Bungalow. Koh Jum makes Koh Lanta seem lika a big city. So tranquil and serene.  We could go snorkeling right in front of our bungalow. The people working at the resort were very welcoming and the food was great.






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