Los Angeles

Going from Tokyo to Los Angeles we crossed the dateline. We left Tokyo June 4.th and landed in LA on the evening on June 3.th. Traveling back in time.

2013-06-04 08.40.50

Doing math at the breakfast table.

To ensure that we did not miss our plane from LA to Lima on June 5 we had a whole day in LA. We rented a car and headed from our LAX hotel in to town in the morning. Lucas had a plan to visit a store on Hollywood Boulevard to get a minecraft night lamp. We found the lamp at the Hollywood and Highland center and the day was saved. Once we were at the Hollywood Boulevard we walked the walk of fame and visited Hollywood Wax Museum. Hard to tell who enjoyed it most, adults or child.

2013-06-04 10.52.12

The hero on a star..

2013-06-04 13.17.24

and in person..

2013-06-04 12.52.02

The name is Bond..

2013-06-04 12.51.28


Lunch at Santa Monica Pier. After visiting the arcade and the amusement park.

2013-06-05 00.36.28

Santa Monica Beach

2013-06-05 00.59.50

Nice weather

Before we went back to the airport we had a road trip in Beverly Hills. A very efficient transit day in Los Angeles.

2013-06-05 05.31.39

See you in Peru!

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