Leaving Lanta

2013-02-13 12.02.56

Where did the time go? 4 months have gone like a wind. Time flies when you are doing nothing. We felt we had all the time in the world when we first arrived and now we are packing up to start the next leg of our journey. It has been a very lovely time though. New friends, a lot of laughs,  sleep when you are tired, eat when you are hungry, not a worry other than where and when to eat. Back home days like this are unheard of. Always things to do places to go. Always in a hurry. We feel grateful for having this time together as a family.

Today was last day in school, so most of the people we know here are either going home to Sweden or traveling to another destination. The kids and the teachers invited us to song and entertainment in the sala this morning. Sad to say goodbye to all the nice Sanuk people. Thanks for all the good memories. Pop kan may! So long!

2013-05-30 09.21.50

Lucas and his teacher Monica.

After the lazy days in Koh Lanta we are picking up speed. First 3 days in Tokyo before we head to Los Angeles for a day. Then our Peruvian adventure starts. Go go go!




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