What did you learn in school today?

2013-03-07 08.30.57

How do we organize school for Lucas when traveling for 6 months? Since we have stayed most of the time in Koh Lanta, Thailand Lucas has been attending one of the two Swedish schools at the island. Since Norwegian and Swedish are similar languages this was the best solution for us. We did think that Lucas would understand Swedish since we have been traveling with Swedish families a lot before. But he had forgotten a lot of the language so the first couple of weeks at school was a bit tough on him. Sanuk is a vacation school for children who are staying for shorter or longer time in Thailand.  Some are here for 4 weeks others live here. What is great about the school is that the classes are small, maximum 10 pupils in one group. The children work individually on their week plans from their home school, or like Lucas do his assignment from globalskolen.no, math and English in the books from home. In addition to the regular subjects, there is a lot of other stuff to learn when you live in a different country. In high season December-April the kids had Thailand subject, like learning Thai cocking, visit a temple or learning Thai Boxing. They also have physical exercise twice a week, pure luxury compared to home.

img_9256   PE on the beach.

There are also different projects that the kids work with in groups. All ages together. Right now they have been working on a Storyline. They are building a miniature village and have to figure out how to get electricity in their village, how to make the village environmental friendly. And a lot of other issues had to be addressed. They worked in teams and found out what they needed to learn to solve the assignment. Then they all presented the project to the parents.

2013-05-16 09.27.28

Lucas and Roki Fjellberg, his alter ego in the Storyline project.

2013-05-16 09.50.10

The Storyline village with kindergarten, houses, ICA and various energy solutions.

Sanuk work with an organization that helps children from Burma that has fled to Thailand “Children of the forest”.  In February there was a found raiser at school to raise money for Children of the forest, and last week 40 children from the organization came to visit the school.


Visit from Children of the forest.

Last Thursday the school went to Krabi for a school trip to visit a temple, Wat Sam Sua. They walked  up 1237 steps to a golden Buddha statue and  swim in the emerald pond. According to Lucas a great trip! He felt very proud to have reached the top of the mountain.


Going up the 1237 steps to the golden Buddha.


View at the top.


Coming down.


Swimming in the Emerald pool.


And the best thing about Sanuk school according to Lucas: NO HOMEWORK!

Some of the pictures is borrowed from http://svenskaskolanthailand.se/

Sanuk mac mac!

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