Il dolce far niente. The sweetness of doing nothing.

2013-02-07 10.30.29


Before we left home, people kept asking us: What are you going to do when you are traveling for so long? Will it not get boring after a while? Let’s try to answer those questions. First of all what are we not doing when we are traveling? We are not working, one of the things that occupy us most at home both mentally and physically. We are not watching TV, another time-consuming activity. No driving in rushhour, no grocery shopping, no homework, no cooking and cleaning. So what are we doing with all this time left over? A normal day at Koh Lanta starts at 07.00. Wake up and get Lucas ready for school. When he leaves at 08.25, we stroll down to the beach and have a really long breakfast. Two hours are not unheard of. After breakfast we hang around on the beach reading or swimming, or have a long walk along the sea . Time for lunch. Lucas has lunch at school so we eat before he comes home at 14.00. After school we stay outside the bungalow, checking Facebook and e-mail. Reading some more before we head for the beach or a pool again with Lucas . The best time at the beach is between 16.30 and 18.30, the sunset is one of the highlights of our lazy days. We have time to talk to each other, time to read a nice book and time to play. Things that are so seldom back home. After sunset we have dinner on the beach, with new friends, while we look at lucky balloons and fire-show. Before we walk home under the stars. The last question: Does it not get boring? So far we have not felt bored one second. On the contrary we are enjoying every minute of our day. Taking time to be in the moment. The warm climate, the sandy beaches and warm sea, the sunsets and the stars at night. Our day is over at 21.00-22.00. This is our dream to have this “time-out” from the buzzy life back home.



One thought on “Il dolce far niente. The sweetness of doing nothing.

  1. Herlig!! Godt skrevet. NYT HVERT SEKUND. Den tradisjonelle hverdagen kommer men det er ennå leeeenge til! ps. Ikke tenk på meg…. 🙂 Mvh BM (hverdagen er ikke så verst den heller så da har dere også den å se fram til – he he)

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